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Click Images to enlarge. To inquire about a piece please refer to the serial number. I will be happy to tell you more about the piece or give you a price.

Description Dim" ht x W
Martini Set 3.5 His and Hers Martini Set    
Wlnt Vase dcs0069 3.5 ht This Vase is made of local VA Black Walnut salvaged from a tree lost in the 2010 ice storm. It was hand cut, dried for 6 months and then hand turned and finished. It is finished with 4 coats of PolyGel and buffed to a high gloss using the Beall buffing system. The lines in the wood are simply beautiful. 8" x 5.5" Black Walnut
Masrtini2 3.5 This Martini shaker and glass was a Christmas present for my brother's family this year. It really seems to be a popular item. Since making the first one for a friend’s wedding gift I’ve had at least 10 requests. I'll get them completed eventually, so many projects so little time... 8" x 5" Black Walnut, Maple, Red Heart and Purple Heart
Spalt Hick Nut Dish 3.5ht This is the first time I've worked with Hickory but it certainly won't be the last 2.5" x 9.5" Spalted Hickory
Box Elder 114 3.5 ht This is one of my favorite pieces and the wood is absolutely gorgeous. The wood came for another tree that was lost during the now infamous snowpocalypse of 2010. I have an entire closet full of the stuff. Box Elder is a soft wood that has a tendency to tear out, but the unique patterns of vibrant reds and blues that most of the east coast grown varieties contain make it worth the extra effort. 3" x 6"  

pear martini 3.5 ht

Bradford Pear is certainly one of my top 10 favorites. This goblet is made from a tree that was uprooted during the 2010 snowstorm. I helped my buddy Doug remove it from his yard and managed to grab a truck load of the best pieces for future projects. This wood was roughed in and stored for drying March 2010. I finally got around to finishing it in January 2011. I used three coats of Amber Schlack for the finish. I plan to buff it using the Beall buffing system however these pictures are before the buffing. 7.25" x 4" Bradford Pear

pear bwl cmposite

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of wood I've ever turned. The wood was from the junction where four branches entered the trunk of the tree. It was a royal PITA to turn but I was extremely happy with the finished product. The finish is Amber schlack, unbuffed.

3" x 7"

Bradford Pear
Walnit Bowl 2in
Guess what kind of wood 21/2 x 6  
Maple Bowl
Bradford Pear 21/2 x 5 34566
Pepper Grinder 2in
Cherry Pepper Grinder 2 x 6 s/n